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Qualified musicians

Thanks to Budapest’s reputation as a great music center, many of the best instrumentalists from around the world come here to study. Our Scoring Orchestra is specialized in film scoring recordings and it consists of the most qualified and experienced classical musicians of Hungary. We hand picked musicians from all of the renowned Hungarian orchestras to create our very own Inspired Symphony Orchestra.


We focus on top quality

Our studios are owning the latest studio equipments and the best recording rooms in Budapest. The unique shape and extra inner height gives a full sounding, alive music. Through the various recording rooms, each individual wish of sounding will be satisfied. Thanks to high-end studio techology and wide range of microphones we can offer world-class recording.

Stay and listen with
Source Connect

Using Source Connect software it’s possible to record scores while in front of your computer at home and you can listen to and instruct the recording perfectly. Via a Live link you can log on to the Gateway - or open the stream directly in QuickTime - and listen immediately. Try it now with us!

Inspired Composer Program

We created our Inspired Composer Program for young composers. We would like to support the entrant composers to take an opportunity for making they introduction showreel.

Our goal is that the young composers to making their Full Orchestral recordings with very friendly prices and take part in shared sessions with other composers.

Here you can sign up for the Inspired Composer Program. We will send you an email with informations about the program.

Pannonia Film Music
Competition 2018

The film music competition conducted by Pannonia Studio, Magyar Virtuózok and the online catalog for musicians by Inspired Selection. The winner of the competition gets 2 hours of studio recording in Pannonia Sound Studios with 53 players Inspired Symphony Orchestra, and a high quality werkfilm of the recording session.


We have many services from sheet music preparing to werkfilm shooting. If you would like to visit Budapest and work here in your recording session we could help you with finding hotel or transfer from the airport.

Personalized Sessions

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We have shared sessions where you can record your shorter piece of music. If you don't have enough budget for 4 hours sessions, that's the solution for you.

Marathon Sessions

In case of challenging deadlines we are open to arrange up to daily 12h sessions.

Sheet Music Upload

We can communicate with our musicians through our online system, and if needed, we can load up the parts of sheet music to the musician profile.

Sheet Music Preparing

Our professional libraians are cross checking the sheet music and in case of need they prepare the completions and corrections.

Flexible booking

In your online session form you can create yout personalized session.

Friendly Prices

Our friendly prices making possible for you to have your projects recorded, that you could not fund before.

Werkfilm Shooting

Our professional film crew are making a first class werkfilm of your session for you.

Transfer & Hotel

If you need a Hotel Reservation of Airport Transfer we can help you to organize your trip to Budapest.

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